About the Bruce Bolt Medal


The Bruce Bolt Medal honors the legacy of Professor Bolt. It is awarded jointly by COSMOS, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), and the Seismological Society of America (SSA) to recognize individuals worldwide who work at the intersection of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, whose accomplishments involve the promotion and use of earthquake measurements, and whose leadership in the transfer of scientific and engineering knowledge into practice or policy has led to improved seismic safety. The annual award is presented at the annual meeting of the recipient’s choice among the three sponsoring organizations.

The award was created after the passing of Professor Bolt, and the first award was given in 2009.

About Bruce Bolt

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Bruce Alan Bolt (1930-2005) was arguably the founder of Engineering Seismology.  Professor Bolt was both an internationally recognized seismologist and an elected Member of the National Academy of Engineering.  Among his many roles, he was the Founding President of COSMOS, President of SSA, President of IASPEI, and Chair of the California Seismic Safety Commission.  He was truly a pioneer at the intersection of Earthquake Science and Earthquake Engineering.

Selection Criteria

In the spirit of Bruce Bolt’s contribution to the science, the chosen recipient must meet all of the following three criteria:

(1) Promotion of strong-motion instrumentation or advancing strong-motion data processing or publicly-available data utilization;
(2) Technical contributions in earthquake engineering or engineering seismology; and
(3) Leadership in the transfer of knowledge into practice or policy that has led to improved seismic safety.
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